Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Some Howard Gold!

Received another card in the mail today! I will show that later, but it's pretty cool. Recently got a nice birthday present from my fiance! I was able to find a huge chase card on ebay and it completes a pretty sweet 'set'. It should be in later this week and I will show the cards together! Should be very aesthetically pleasing. In the mean time.. shiny is good!

A little bit of Topps Chrome and a little bit of Bowman Chrome. Gold seems to be a popular color and I'm not complaining I like it! If I had the time and resources I'd totally go after a gold set of Topps Chrome. That would really pop out in a binder. The Sepia set I have is pretty awesome to page through (still hard to top completing that beast of a set).

Thanks to those who gave me advice on where to buy the ginter box. Much appreciated! I will be purchasing later this week. Rules haven't been posted (so much anticipation!)

Thanks for reading!

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