Saturday, December 6, 2014

A sweet PWE!

I received a pretty awesome PWE from Fantastic Catch! He saw my post about the great Brad Sorenson  auto that I picked up from ebay (99 cents!) I mainly picked it up because I liked his first name.. now I have some additions to this side PC!

If you can't read the pictures, these cards are of Brad Davis, Brad Evans and Brad Sorenson.. they all have one awesome thing in common!

 I also received these 2 Phillies cards in the PWE! I did not have many red foil parallels and I know I didn't have a sealed copy of Chris Roberson's rookie card from Topps Chrome (not sure where they come sealed like that).

Thanks for the surprise, made the mail fun!

On a side note, I went to the Philly show today with my wife! It was a ton of fun, had quite a haul. Some of it is scanned but still have quite a bit to sort through! I'll be posting some things and I'm sure will have some more to post down the line. (I have about 2000 new cards to sort!)

Thanks for reading!

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