Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Philly Show Part 2 .. Baseball Cards!

Before getting to meet Brian Dawkins, we did get to look at baseball cards and find some cool things! There seemed to be a couple new dealers and some regulars that we always go and have some nice conversations with. Always lots of boxes to look through! Fun to search for some hidden gems!

I will just stick to the Phillies portion of the pickups for this post. (and one other card)

Didn't go too crazy with vintage this time but was able to find a couple hard ones. The Frank Herrera is a high number, same with the Art Mahaffey! They are a pain to find and all quite pricey. Inching closer to completing a few more 60s team sets! 

Here's some new Ryan Howard's. The relic is from 2011 Gypsy Queen, which is super expensive so I was happy to grab the single. The Super Poweres Mike Schmidt is a psychedelic looking card, who doesn't enjoy that! Picked up some prospect autos just cause I didn't have them, Jake Sweaney and Severino Gonzalez. No idea if they are going to be good, hope so!

The Cody Asche is my first auto of his, and its on-card! I actually quite like this Triple Threads design. The Cord Sandberg is the green parallel from Bowman Platinum. The Barry Bonds is a base card from 1993 Finest! Great set, had to pick it up when I saw the card.

That's all for now, stay tuned for more baseball card goodness!

Thanks for reading!

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