Monday, December 15, 2014

Old School Box Break 1994 Finest!

Every card show in King of Prussia there's usually 3 dealers with all unopened product. Always like to take a look to see what they have. Steel City Collectibles (whom I've purchased from before) happened to have 3 boxes of Finest reasonably priced. 1993 Finest although fun would be way out of my price range for a single box. There was 2 Series 1's and one Series 2. Figured one of each was the way to go.. so I bought two, went and met Mr Dawkins and then came back and bought the last one!

I had no idea how often refractors landed per box so as we were opening we (my wife and I) made sure that we were under a light to check for the rainbowness! Also, each box had a pretty cool boxtopper on top!

I didn't scan a ton of base cards, but here's one!

It's stated that the all star cards and rookie subsets are not any rarer then the base cards, but those subsets only come one per pack. So kinda rarer, but not worth any more or less.

These were the 3 box toppers. Two out of three ain't bad! Happy with the Maddux even though he killed the Phils in the 90s. Always happy hitting a Philly! Lenny Dykstra! Only dud box topper was Troy Neel!

In three boxes, we hit 8 refractors. Pretty solid. There's a whole lot of green in this set. If you do not like that color, this set is not for you!  If you can't read the scans the players are Brian McRae, Scott Servais, Tom Henke, Jose Mesa, Scott Brosius and Jeff King.

Two big "hits"!! Orel Hershiser refractor and Sammy Sosa refractor! Pretty awesome to actually get two bigger names from the set.

These boxes were fun, who knows if I got full value if I were to sell. The Sosa and Hershiser are clearly the most expensive cards. I could easily see getting all scrub refractors though. Overall, lots of fun though! I like busting these older boxes. Also, a big plus is the cards were a little sticky, but not a single one was damaged. (When we opened 1994 Score, about half the cards were stuck together like a brick).

Thanks for reading!


  1. Awesome break! I'd love to rip one of these open...

  2. Great set. Must have been a lot of fun to break!

  3. Fun! I love green sets and this is one of my favorites!

  4. I love the old Finest sets. I'm jealous!

  5. Do you still have the brosius, sosa and hershiser? I'm actually working on this set.

    1. I do have them, not sure how to e-mail you back though

  6. My email is I tried finding your email but couldn't. I just started looking through blogs so i don't know how they really work yet lol. Talk to you soon.

  7. Did you still have the Hershiser 1994 Refractor? If so I am interested my email is Thanx