Friday, December 12, 2014

Philly show Recap Finale!

Overall, In conclusion, etc etc, the card show was a lot of fun and am looking forward to the next big one in March. I have a few more pickups to show off as well! Some of these are spoken for and some aren't but never hurts to ask.

Check it out!

The George Brett is one of those 3000 Club inserts, just a cool looking set. The Ripken scanned kinda funny but its actually a hologram! The Frank Thomas.. goes straight to the PC! The numbers keep climbing, gotta catch em all!

Here's a few Mets cards, I don't collect Mets particularly but I owe some people and I know they'll like them. The Etopps Wright caught my eye. I always want the Phillies from the sets but I feel like they are all overpriced on ebay. The Montero I may hold onto for a bit to see if he becomes good. I think he's one of their good prospects. Pedro will be in the Hall of Fame soon!

Here's a few Pirates cards. The Autofacts that is a bit cut off by my scanner is of Adam Laroche. Always nice to see on card autos from Tier one and inception (and not have to buy the boxes!). The blue chrome's are a nice subset and refractors this year were tougher to hit (based on my own case breaking experience). I never heard of Willy Garcia but its a Bowman on card auto!

Thanks for reading and following along! I'll return to my usual semi randomness shortly!


  1. Nice grabs. Hope montero can figure out his control issues he had this year. If he does he showed flashes of brilliance. Mets rotation looks nasty with all the young arms now if they can only find a power