Sunday, July 31, 2016

Exciting week ahead!

Allen and Ginter has officially been released. I of course have joined Gint A Cuffs! It's a very fun way to open a box and really pay attention to every card. Also, it's super fun when you win! (I won last year, thank you Trout wood mini) (still in my possession can't bring myself to sell it) The bonus box was fun too, hit a really nice Javier Baez auto boxtopper. Hopefully something cool awaits in the future Ginter box.

Also, what makes this week potentially awesome is The National Card show! It's a short drive away and I will be there on Thursday and Friday! Very excited to not work but to also have fun doing that. I have my brother's want list and have to get mine organized so its easily accessible and readable. Have a project to do at work the next 2 days! 

Here is one of my newer Ryan Howard pickups..

A Supreme Scope auto of Ryan Howard. They are pretty nice cards in person. I suppose I like silhouettes as much as the next person.

If I can't find anything good at the National maybe I'll just buy a palette of 1988 Donruss and open it for the next few years.. that'd be fun?

As of now I haven't bought any autograph tickets but considering getting Donovan McNabb if the timing is right!

Thanks for reading!

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