Monday, July 25, 2016

This Guy...

Got into the hall of fame recently. Like the other day, he gave a speech and everything.

I pulled this card at the All Star Fan Fest in Philly in 1995. We were buying packs to get the special Steve Carlton cards and you had to buy cards from each manufacturer to get the special release cards. (We got all five) 

1996 Pinnacle Team Spirit Leader. Fancy card. Still in the original toploader that I used back in 1995. (not a screw down so the card is in fine shape)

Also, have this card that I pulled at a local LCS around year 2000...

I really like this set. Really cool looking inserts. If I happen to find a Fleer Mystique box next week at the national I'll grab it. (and pay for it, I don't steal stuff)

I have two more nice insert Piazza..

This is the per-cursor to the A&G wood minis. This card has a real feel of wood on the front. Very fancy.

This is another cool insert. All pack pulled by me! Who knew I could do such wondrous things.. like open baseball cards!

Congrats the new Hall of Famer.. I'm sure I have some Juniors somewhere just not in my current scan folder.

Thanks for reading! (10 Days to the National!!)

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  1. That first Piazza is one fine-looking card I've never seen before.