Friday, July 1, 2016

Overdue props!

My lack of posting this month is appalling. My slowest month in 3+ years doing this. No excuses. I have quite a bit of random things scanned and plenty to talk about. I haven't been purchasing a ton this year just little odds and ends. I've been saving up for the national so if anything catches the eye there I won't have to think about my budget cause it's going to be a good bit of money! I am planning on just buying General Admission tickets for the national because we'll only be there 2 days, Thursday and Friday. Have to come back late Friday night to home.

Can't wait!

Speaking of props, I received cards from White Sox fan 2 x 3 Heroes!

I really like the blue wave cards in general. If they made a base set that looked like that I'd go for it. Franco is slowing down a bit.. but then again so is everyone on the Phillies. I'm going to the game tomorrow but it's a fireworks game! Also, good matchup, get to see the defending champs, Royals come to town. Cain was a beast for my fantasy team last year and Wade Davis has been real solid this year. 

The cards above that are written on is actually the penny sleeve. The Biddle is a rare variation and the Burrell has a vintage logo. Much appreciated pointing that out cause I would have had no idea. 

Any framed relic gets a A+ in my book! I always pondered collecting these sets but I don't know if I want to pour the resources into it. Vintage Phillies and Ryan Howard's take precedence.

Thanks for reading! Hopefully more posting this month!

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  1. Love those older Heritage cards. Have fun at the National!