Thursday, July 14, 2016

Re-Pack Fun!

My Wife was kind enough to surprise me with some baseball cards from Target after a particularly tough week at work. I've been taking on a lot more responsibility lately which is both good and bad but everyone knows how that goes or they don't, I'm just making generalizations. Either way, I got some new baseball cards!

Fun Fact.. this re-pack guaranteed one relic card.. so naturally a got an Auto of Clayton Mortenson (numbered out of 50!) His career lasted 5 years but ended in 2013.. at least he made the majors though!

Some cool cards from the update packs. I enjoyed opening them lots of good names. The Pat Kelly is a gold leaf rookie from 1991 Leaf! Randomly inserted! And we got one!

Here's where it got great!Crushed the odds! The snow camo parallel of Dan Haren, numbered out of 99 and 1 every 72 packs according to the pack odds. Pretty good 'hit' so to speak!

Thanks for reading, hope everyone is enjoying their Fantasy Baseball break and getting ready for the 2nd half!


  1. Wow - that's one helluva repack! A bonafide Major Leaguer's autograph, some nice inserts AND a numbered parallel? That's not just beating the odds, that's obliterating them.

    Also, it's already weird to see Dan Haren in a Cubs uniform.

  2. Dan Haren has a pretty funny Twitter presence.

    1. I agree! Good follow for sure. Shoot me an email if you're intetested in trading the Haren.

  3. Snow Camo has been one of my favorite parallels in some time, at least since 2013 Emerald. And not just because I pulled one from a pack.