Thursday, July 30, 2020

A couple new Howard's!

I had a couple new Ryan Howard pickups recently. Nothing crazy expensive but nice additions to the PC.

This is the green parallel to 2016 Topps Chrome numbered out of 99. I now have all the non-numbered refractors, purple, green, orange and the super. 

I am missing Blue, Blue wave, Gold and Red. I am not actively going after the printing plates but if I see 1 sure why not. (I actually already have the Cyan plate which I picked up a few years ago) 

I do not have a lot of Topps Now cards but I did grab this one in a pre-sale from ebay. Had no issues getting it from the seller. I like the idea of Topps Now but I don't actively pursue most of them. I feel like pack pulled is higher on the 'card hierarchy' for me.

Have a special series coming up! I was debating how to post it but I think I'm going to do the cards separate and them bring them all together at the end. It will have a good visual affect. Super psyched for these cards.

Thanks for reading!

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