Saturday, July 11, 2020

Original Sketch

I'm usually not big on sketch cards in general. I don't like to pay the premium associated with them and some of them don't look too good in my opinion. I don't collect artists on cards and I never got into the comic side of card collecting with the sketch cards of various things. I get why they are desired if you're a fan of that particular artist or character. That being said after saying all that I picked up this sketch card of Ryan Howard because I liked the look of it. I believe there was various 1 of 1's of different artists for each player in this Stadium Club set. Not sure how rare these are but it didn't run too expensive.

I like the pencil sketch look. I think the artist did a good job of making it look like Howard and it doesn't look cartoonish. This is a nice addition to the ever growing Ryan Howard collection.

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