Monday, July 13, 2020

First Day Issue

I always liked these parallel cards. It's probably not rationale in anyway shape or form but as a collector I love that extra stamp that makes the card rare or slightly different looking. I don't pick all of them up because unfortunately I can't spend all of my money on baseball cards but if I see a good deal I'd be hard pressed to say no. I grabbed this card for a massive 5 dollars.

1994 Stadium Club Frank Thomas First Day Issue. Thomas has a few different base cards in the set but this is my first, first day issue of his.

Frank Thomas won the 2nd of his back to back MVP's in 1994. In 113 games (shortened due to the strike) he has 38 HR's, 101 RBI's and his OBP was .487. Crazy good stats as expected from an MVP.

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  1. Love First Day Issues! Those were the best pulls in the mid-90s.