Tuesday, March 4, 2014

A Trade!! A Trade?!? YES A TRADE!!!

I recently completed A TRADE!! with none other then your friend and mine Too Many Verlanders! I sent him some Tigers he wanted and he returned some awesome stuff in kind. It was a great package to go through as I will show you all in scans! Scanners are great! and trading!

These were some of the random cards that were included. I'm very sure that most of these are new and if/when I ever get past the 80's in organizing I will know for sure! The Dykstra metal card is sweet, big fan of that set!

Welcome to the Bobby Abreu section of this trade post! I really like the shiny holographix card, they are super nice in person. (I'm a sucker for shiny things). The Upper Deck card that looks like a baseball is textured too which just adds to the coolness. Abreu is back with the Phillies this year. Maybe he will catch some magic and have some pop off the bench this year! 

Welcome to the Scott Rolen portion of this trade post! The top left card is see through, which is always a good idea (60% of the time it works every time). Rolen is famous for being good at defense and turning down the Phillies 140 million bucks and getting traded instead. It all turned out for the best cause the Phillies ended up being pretty good in the last decade. 

Here is the meat so to speak, of the trade (editor's note, I do not eat baseball cards on purpose) The Greatest Hits set is just cool. I like CDs and Frank Thomas, so yes! There's 8 cards in the set. I currently have 4 different. I will officially add them to the want list to complete the set. So close! The Carlton was a complete surprise. A very happy awesome surprise! I love me a good relic hall of famer!

Side note, Philly show this weekend! I will be there on Saturday for a few hours (usually stay 3-4 til I get tired of searching) I haven't decided if I want to spend 70 dollars to get Brian Dawkins auto. One of the most beloved Eagles of all time. I hope the show is good as usual!

Thanks for the trade and Thanks for reading!

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