Monday, March 17, 2014

What's your fanttaaaasy!

I did 2 fantasy drafts last night! Both run by different bloggers and former bloggers. I do one other league with a group of guys I know from college. I am not great at Fantasy Baseball but I enjoy it so I always give it a good go.

Team #1:

Keeper League. You can keep up to 4 from last year but they are your first 4 picks. I only kept 2. 12 teams

Team Name: Springfield Isotopes

C- Joe Mauer (5th round)
1B-Albert Pujols (6th round)
2B-Robinson Cano (keeper 1st round)
3B-Adrian Beltre (3rd round)
SS-Xander Bogearts (12th round)
OF-Alex Gorden (8th round)
OF-Josh Hamilton (9th round)
OF-Shane Victorino (10th round)
Util-Michael Bourn (14th round)
BN-Jimmy Rollins (16th round)
BN-Mark Teixiera (17th round)

Adam Wainwright (keeper 2nd round)
Justin Verlander (4th round)
Jordan Zimmerman (7th round)
Matt Moore (11th round)
Jon Lester (15th round)
Rex Brothers (18th round)
Paco Rodriguez (19th round)
Cole Hamels (13th round)
Drew Smyly (20th round)

I feel pretty good pre season about the team. I am lacking some in speed but hopefully can make that up in power and OBP. Bogearts is a big wild card but if hes good Rollins is a candidate to be dropped. If you noticed I have no closers. Saves is not a category so a good 8th inning guy is worth the same as a closer. The bench in this league is pretty short so maneuvering during the year will be a must!

2nd Draft

Non keeper league. 12 teams, deep rosters.

Team Name: Brad's Blog (fancy I know)

I got lucky and drew the first pick! It took the thought of the first round which was nice. Trout all day!

Here's all of them:

C- Joe Mauer (5th round)
1B- Jose Abreu (11th round)
2B- Matt Carpenter (7th round)
3B- Jurickson Profer (10th round)
SS- Asdrubal Cabrera (14th round)
OF- Mike Trout (1st round)
OF- Billy Hamilton (4th round)
OF- Josh Hamilton (8th round)
Util- Jonathan Lucroy (13th round)
Util- Ryan Howard (16th round)
Util- Nick Castellanos (22nd round)
BN- Chase Headley (20th round)
BN- Derek Jeter (23rd round)

SP- Adam Wainwright (2nd round)
SP- Jordan Zimmerman (6th round)
SP- Andrew Cashner (15th round)
SP- RA Dickey (17th round)
RP- Craig Kimbrel (3rd round)
RP- Sergio Romo (9th round)
RP- Ernesto Frieri (12th round)
P- Joakim Soria (18th round)
P- Ervin Santana (19th round)
P- Yovani Gallardo (21st round)
P- Edward Mujica (24th round)
BN- Bartolo Colon (25th round)
BN- Miguel Gonzalez (26th round)

By the 26th round I was just trying to find someone I knew. I am cheering for Joe Mauer and Josh Hamilton to do well this year. Asdrubal was the only shortstop left at the point, but with Profar's versatility I may be replacing him quickly. I can shift Headley to third, Cabrera to the bench and Profar to Short. Carpenter also has 3rd eligibility which is nice. My pitchers are a little scattered. Strong at the top but lots of question marks in between. I went from no closers in the first draft to the best closer in the 2nd. If he does his usual I should be competitive in saves. Soria could close for the Rangers, they haven't officially announced one way or the other.

How do you guys and gals think I did?

Share your teams or leave a thought, always interested in other peoples view points!

Obligatory card picture:

Ryan Howard metal card!


  1. You want to do a third Blogger league? My league lost a team and I have to find a replacement. All the owners are bloggers or former bloggers. It is a keeper league though and you would inherit your keepers.

  2. I picked Andrew Cashner high in my draft (7th round) just to make sure I got him, I have a feeling he's going to have a great year. Or maybe I'm just a homer (hopefully both?). One guy I always try to get on my team is Martin Prado, just because he can be moved around anywhere.