Monday, April 21, 2014

A Trade and a PWE!

Last week I posted a one card trade bait! I had the card a while and I picked it up for the sole purpose of trading it to another collector. Thankfully, Chunter from The Home of the Braves wanted it! We quickly came to an agreement and the mail came and went.

Here are the goods!

The vintage is much appreciated! Always nice to cross some more cards off the list! The Mayberry is one of those elusive green retail parallels.

Bobbbby Abreeeeu! This is a nice relic card of his. And he was just called up by the Mets at 40 years old! I hope he has a nice last hurrah in the majors. Can't believe he get up to the show again! He always had a sweet swing at the plate.

The Roy Halladay came from a PWE that I recently received. It was from Adam at now no longer updated blog Thoughts and Sox. (I'll link if you want me too) He was kind enough to pass on a card that he knew I would like. I'm always on the lookout for rare Virdons! 

The Howard is the same subset so I thought they'd look nice scanned together. How about that 4 hit night last night. He was robbed of the cycle but hey can't win em all!

Also, who collects Yankees cards? I sort my cards by team that I trade away to people and I am being told by the manager of the card room (my girlfriend) that the Yankees box is nearing full. Therefore I need to trade a largeish stack to someone for some random phillies. Who's up for it? (I can accomodate more then one trade)

Thanks for reading!

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