Sunday, April 27, 2014

The Big Hurt!

I haven't shown a lot of Frank Thomas lately, but I did pick up 2 pretty nice cards (in my opinion) of him recently. I'm happy he made it into the hall of fame on the first ballot. I expect Ken Griffey Jr to do the same. Growing up in the 90s those were the two superstars in my mind. It was always fun to pull a sweet insert or even just any card of them. I loved 1995 Emotion and 1996 Spx and some other sets.

Check out this newly acquired auto!

Hailing from 1993 Leaf this is my 3rd auto of his! Its a pretty cool picture of Frank being INTENSE! I like the Frank Thomas only insert set that Leaf put out this year. Very nice photography.

Here's a more modern card!

It's the 2013 Five Star base card! I was able to snag it for under 10 dollars because the seller was in Japan. It actually shipped in under 2 weeks so I was quite pleased. Five Star can be tough to collect because so many of the cards I want go for so much. One day I will gamble on a box but I haven't been able to justify the cost vs risk. You'd be better off picking the singles up to the cost of the box and probably be much happier. Such of the life of a wax ripping addict.

I'm counting down the days til Gint-A-Cuffs! I had a blast last year participating and intend to win it this year!

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