Wednesday, April 2, 2014

And back to Reality!

The Phillies despite starting the season undefeated.. lost their next game. AJ Burnett pitched very well but the offense was only able to muster up 2 runs. I personally think Ryne Sandberg was overthinking the lineup. They mashed the ball in game one, so go ahead and bench a guy who hit a home run and a double (Cody Asche). Makes no sense to not keep him in the lineup no matter what. I'd want him to get experience against lefties and righties if he is going to be apart of this teams future. /end rant

On a more positive note check out this sweet card. 

A Ryan Howard auto from Topps Sterling! It's low numbered but also a sticker. At least it's the clear sticker and not the crazy shiny noticeable one. I wasn't collecting when this set came out but I do like the cards that come from it. Lots of quality interesting pieces. Howard smacked a double yesterday to drive in one of the runs, hopefully he continues swinging the bat like that today!

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