Sunday, July 22, 2018

2018 Stadium Club Box Break!

On the way out of the Chantilly Show we decided to pick up a box. Even if we didn't hit anything big the pictures and cards in Stadium Club are usually top notch. This was a fun break and I may consider picking up multiple boxes in the future if it's in the budget.

Onto the cards..

These were all the parallels in the box. The Sonny Gray is the Chrome that is 1 per box and I was happy to hit the Frank Thomas for the PC.

These were the inserts that were perfectly collated. Always nice to hit a Hoskins and a decent pair of Astros.

Got my promised 2 autographs. Just he base autos of Jack Flaherty and Tzu Wei Lin.I know Flaherty has been decent this year and should be staying in that Cardinals rotation.I know nothing about Lin though, hope he's good!

The Beam Team Insert are 1 per box. Happened to get Jeter. The Hank Aaron Black and White parallel are 1 in 48 packs. Pretty cool to hit a legend the card looks great.

The next 2 were the big hits!

2 Case hits based on pack odds.Pretty cool to hit in 1 box. The Trout Instavision falls 1 in 321 packs! The Seager Gold Minted Chrome fall 1 in 257 packs! Pretty solid out of 1 box! Probably came close to making my money back on the box if I sold it all but I don't plan too. The Trout card really pops.

Overall very fun break and the buy in wasn't crazy (paid 69 dollars). I'm sure people can get lucky and hit a really good autograph but even without hitting a big name auto the break can be good.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Lin is not terribly good this year. Good glove, not much bat. That being said, if you are looking at moving it, I am interested in trading for it.

    My tradelist can be found here:

  2. I won't be getting any sc this year. So if that judge above is FT or any judge base/parallels or Gleyber I interested.

    Just send me an email