Saturday, July 14, 2018

A Goldy and some other stuff!

Just had an awesome 2 days. I need to get to scanning and cropping some photos to share with everyone. Wife and I went to fanfest in Washington DC on Friday and then we stayed overnight in Chantilly VA and hit up the card show today. Both were fun and had great experiences. Enough of that because they will comprise my next few posts. I have some backlog to get through.

This card I got as part of the Austin Meadows card I sold. I also received this card back in the swap. I have no idea if that sentence made sense I'm pretty tired from all that driving.

Pretty nice patch. On-card auto, low numbered. Good picture. I've never opened a box of Five Star and probably won't start so I was happy to pick this up and not be buying it.

I opened one blaster of Series 2 the other day just to check it out and hopefully get an Ohtani rookie finally.

Well luck was on my side..

One blaster box, 4 Ohtani's! They were all in back to back to back to back packs to finish the break. Apparently the blue one is 1 in 12 packs! Retiring now! (Please deposit 900,000 to my bank account and it can be yours!)

Also liked the look of this card..

He's not having the best year but he's been a solid player for a few years now. These are manu-patches but I feel like the quality is there. Pretty thick card.

Thanks for reading, stay tuned for card show and fanfest recaps!

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