Wednesday, July 11, 2018

A little bit of Red!

Ink that is! See what I did there.. such good writing styling. Another day of some good baseball. I like MLB.TV makes following fantasy fun. Also, get to watch a lot of baseball. I've officially added Rhys Hoskins to all of my fantasy teams. I even traded him away in April and traded back for him in one league this week. I was happy to grab this card a week or so ago. It's not one I've seen very often pop up and it usually goes for more then what I paid (40 some dollars). Heritage followers are legit.

I assure you the card is real my scanner just cropped out all of the white borders. Looks like I trimmed it with some bad scissors. I also do not trim my cards cause that's not cool either. Not going to go for the print run of these but I am a fan. Nice picture on card auto, semi low numbered, sought after set. Lots of positives. I opened 6 boxes of Heritage High Number last year and really enjoyed it. (Hit 3 on card autos too!) Those cards all look nice as well. If the prices ever come back to normal I could see myself opening more of Heritage type releases for the enjoyment.

Thanks for reading!