Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Chantilly show Part 1 of 2 (lots of scans)

Hope everyone enjoyed my fanfest recap below. I enjoyed writing it. It was fun to think about what we just did and relive the experiences. The plan was always to go to the card show afterwards. Thankfully I am good at making plans so it all worked out. I booked a hotel room through work since it was cheaper and had no issues checking in or anything. Love the lack of hassles. This show was a considerably larger space then the King of Prussia show I typically go to. Some of the dealers were the same but a lot were different. The diversity of things in the room was pretty darn good. There was high high end all the way down to 10 cent boxes to dig through if you wanted. Also, tons of cool pictures and memorabilia to look at even if you aren't in the market (I need more wall space!)

Let's start with the card portion for part 1. I have diverse tastes from vintage to modern so I'm always on the lookout for a good deal or anything that catches my eye. Ended up buying 1 big card and a lot of little(r) cards.

We can start with the Rhys Hoskins portion of the show. I was able to bolster my Rookie Card collection. There is tons of variety out there. I really like the Bowman Sterling atomic refractor look. Very visually appealing cards.

From the same seller..

He had a bunch of Phillies in a dollar bin. Always love grabbing nice parallels for a buck. He ended up only asking 6 dollars for these 9 so I actually paid less. The Cliff Lee is numbered out of 25 and I'm a sucker for Topps Chrome Phillies parallels. I'll buy all of them at that price point.

Picked up these 3 cards in a 3 for 10 bin. The AJ Pollock auto is nice and on-card and of course 2 Phillies relics I didn't have so simple easy purchase.

One Jimmy is the refractor and one is the base. It was nice to grab both at the same time. The Franco (still a Phillies player for now) was just a cool looking die-cut insert. I realized I didn't have the Nola base rookie so I added it to the pile. Maybe Conforto will come back better next year when his shoulder issue is further behind him and that card will be more appealing on both sides.

A trio of future Hall of Famers. Figured I'd get the rookies now before they hit the Hall. Spent 20 on the Pujols didn't know if I overpaid but looking at ebay comps that's pretty in line. Got the Beltre and Ichiro in a package deal so their portion of the deal was 7.50 a piece which I thought was pretty reasonable.

The Phillies only current all-star. I like his auto its actually legible and these are all on-card rookie autos. I paid 10 a piece which was fair.

Also grabbed one more High Tek Auto. These cards are great in hand. This was the Phillies 1st overall pick Moniak. Paid 20 bucks. Small investment for sure but I didn't have an auto of his. Hopefully he pans out and makes it to the majors.

One super random card I grabbed for 5 dollars. Why not? Its Topps Tiffany and the picture is great.

Two more actual Hall of Famers. Last show I went too I bought the Dale Murphy rookie by mistake instead of the Dawson. Ended up buying the Dawson (12 dollars) from the same guy. It was an honest mistake I grabbed the wrong card. The Reggie feels good to add to the collection (scanner chopped off the border) It's not in perfect condition but it cost me all of 15 dollars! I didn't get it from a dealer. I was doing a deal for one of the Nola autos and this person next to me offered me 2 more Nola Autos and let me look through his other cards. He has the 2001 Bowman Chrome auto of Pujols. Was pretty awesome to hold that card in person. He sold me the Reggie Jackson, Ichiro, Beltre and 2 Nola Autos for 60 total. 

Last but not least, my most expensive purchase of the day.

A beautiful triple auto of Ryan Howard, Alex Rodriguez and Albert Pujols. This card really pops in hand. I might've overpaid by a little but I don't care, it was worth it. Don't often see triple autos from 2010 off of the internet. It was a good feeling to get a high end card of Howard from the show.

Side note, saw a person and a dealer do a 10,500 dollar deal with high end football cards. Also, saw a 1951 Bowman Mantle PSA 3(MK) sell for 3,100. This 3 with the mark looked way worse then my 2. I'm happy it sold for so much! The first dealer I went too had a rookie I was interested in, pulled out Beckett showed me the mark on the card and then quoted me the book value percentage. I politely declined and walked away. I'm glad the day went way better after that. Didn't really hit the Phillies 50s want list but thats ok I had fun hunting and finding other things.

Also, on the way out had some extra cash so bought a 2018 Stadium club box.It was a fun rip and cards are super nice. I will show the results in a future post.

Thanks for reading, stay tuned for Part 2 when we get the auto we've been hunting for 3 years!


  1. Whoa, that was a good show for you! Lots of shiny things, a fun random card, and an awesome Reggie rookie :)

  2. Man lots of snazzy pick ups.

    I should have sent you on a mission for my white whale like I do for everyone who gets to go to shows. If u ever come across a 1997 Stadium Club Co-Signers #CO53 Rodney Hampton / Anthony Johnson please let me know!