Thursday, July 19, 2018

Chantilly Show Part 2 of 2!

This post is reserved to show off the 2 biggest non-card pickups of the day (come to think of it the only 2 non card pick ups) but I digress they are both awesome in their own right. My Wife and I have been working on getting some In Person Eagles autographs for a lithograph that I happened to get for free kinda randomly. I really liked the picture and thought it would look cool to get signed by each player. My wife was immediately on board and the quest began. One elusive signer was Jevon Kearse. He didn't play for the Eagles for a long time but he was always a fan favorite wherever he would go. His skills were undeniable he just had some unlucky injuries after signing with the team.

I will say this he was super super nice to everyone. Very impressed. I shook his hand (I'm about 5'10" normal-ish size) his hand was literally three times bigger then mine. I also asked him what it was like to play for the Eagles. He said Jim Johnson (Former Defensive Coordinator for those that don't follow the Eagles) was crazy. He would have him drop into coverage and the scheme to him was so much different then his Titans days. Even in my limited time to get my item signed he took the time to do it nice and added an inscription for free! Also he wasn't outrageously priced (45 dollars).

Check out the Lithograph, have 1 to go.. Corey Simon.. if you know him please let me know!

First here is me watching Kearse sign it and chatting with him. His shirt is awesome too.

The Terrell Owens auto is there just a little darker pen, but Kearse, Dawkins, Westbrook and McNabb all look good. Only 1 left!!! It's been a fun project and everyone has been nice even TO (he wore sunglasses indoors the entire time) 

I eluded to 2 items. The 2nd item is just cool, not something you see everyday. My wife spotted it at the card show but the price tag was a little high. I gave her some tips on negotiation she used none of them and still got the price she wanted. Way to go! 

That's me next to an 8 foot banner of Ryan Howard that was hung outside Citizens Bank Park on the light poles. We are now the proud owner of this banner. We haven't decided wear to hang it yet, many good ideas include using it as a window blocker in the card room, putting it in between the dining room and kitchen like a curtain, using it as a window shade for one of the front windows.

What other good ideas do you have to hang the banner? And who wants to help me stalk Corey Simon for an autograph.. (half joking!)

Thanks for reading and hopefully enjoying my stories!


  1. That signed lithograph looks amazing! And it seems like when other card bloggers mention their wives, it's only because the wife is complaining about them having a hobby, but with you, it's always about your wife being supportive and completely on board with whatever it is hobby wise... I'm sure you already know it, but it sounds like you found a keeper :)