Wednesday, July 25, 2018

A little bit of Action!

I picked these up on blowout from 2 different sellers. I like to peruse the buy/sell/trade and occasionally come across some cards I want. Haven't had any problems buying there. I've sold 2 cards there and had no issues there and have made 2 trades as well without issue. (One of them netted a Ryan Howard superfractor) All in all a good experience in that regard. The Nola was in a lot for 15 dollars that included an auto and most dealers at the show I was just at was pricing this 1 card at 15 so I think it was a really good deal. The Hoskins was 28 delivered. I've yet to see it priced below that on ebay or anywhere else for that matter. Very happy with the purchase.

Hoskins has started off nicely after the All Star break. I was happy to see he did well in the Home Run Derby even if he lost in the 2nd round. Hitting 20 Home Runs in 4 minutes is still impressive. Nola was the starting pitcher for the 16 inning marathon the Phillies had last night. I actually went to bed in the beginning of the 15th inning so I didn't see the end when it happened. Go figure, either way I'm glad they won cause they had such a quick turn around to play again at 12:35. It's gotta be demoralizing to lose like that after such a long game. Carried that momentum into the next game and won the series against the Dodgers. I hope the Phillies make some positive moves at the trade deadline. It would be real  nice to see some playoff baseball. The division is wide open with the way that Nationals are playing and the Braves are a young team.

Thanks for reading and Go Phils!

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