Sunday, September 21, 2014

A Cool Package from TJ!

I received a package a week or two ago (who knows it all blends together at this point) from The Junior Junkie! He has one of the more impressive player collections I've ever seen. His Junior collection dwarfs my Ryan Howard and Frank Thomas collections. He decided to help me out a little bit with that!

Check it out!

A 9 pack of current Hall of Famer Frank Thomas! I really like the Future is Now insert from Upper Deck! Those are sharp looking cards from the 90s. 

Without fail he added some more cards of my favorite team, the Phillies! The Cole Hamels is from Topps Chipz, which I believe is discontinued for next year. Always nice to get a Topps Finest card as well, I don't think I've opened a pack of that brand since about 1996.

Thanks for the package (I think I need your address for a return one) I'll be on the lookout for some cool Griffey stuff to send back!

Thanks for reading!

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