Tuesday, September 2, 2014

What's In a Case -- Finale -- Summary!

This year was clearly tougher odds. I went back and checked my summary from last year. Non auto refractor color, had 27 last year, this year 17. Everything was down across the board as far as hits go. Need Topps to produce less so my smaller breaks are more colorful. Those Jumbo boxes probably didn't help make the odds better. Not a fan of jumbo personally, I won't be buying any.

Onto the hits!

Blue Refractor (Odds 1 in 40 packs): Michael Cuddyer, Will Middlebrooks, CJ Cron, Kyle Seager, Freddie Freeman, Mike Trout, Erik Johnson, Mike Napoli

Black Refractor (Odds 1 in 80 packs): Ethan Martin (yay PC), Allen Craig, Aroldis Chapman, Jose Altuve

Sepia Refractors (Odds 1 in 105 packs): JJ Hardy, Yangervis Solarte, Ivan Nova

Gold Refractor (Odds 1 in 160 packs): Billy Butler

Red Refractor (Odds 1 in 320 packs): Pedro Alvarez

Chrome all time rookies insert (Odds 1 in 280 packs): Miguel Cabrera

Base Variation (Odds 1 in 1,400): Starlin Castro

The Autos!

Base Autos (Odds 1 in 15): George Springer (redemption), Andrew Heaney, Wilmer Flores, Jose Ramirez, Zach Walters, Gregory Polanco, Abraham Almonte, Josmil Pinto, Yangervis Solarte, Michael Choice, Yordano Ventura, Erik Johnson, JR Murphy, Nick Castellanos, Chris Owings, Dean Anna, Jonathan Schoop

Refractor autos (Odds 1 in 128): Abraham Almonte, Jimmy Nelson, Stefen Romero

Blue Refractor autos (Odds 1 in 306): Wilmer Flores, Tommy Medica

Black Refractor Auto (Odds 1 in 610): Rougned Odor

Red Refractor auto (Odds 1 in 2,450): Stefen Romero

The collation for base cards was good. Completed 2 sets definitely. Might have a 3rd but I'm not checking. Those are the trade pile, so whoever needs base please contact me. 

Received exactly 8 base refractors and 4 xfractors per box. Received exactly 24 1989 reprints (all different), 24 Diecuts (all different) and 12 Topps Shelf (also, all different). I can't be upset about not getting dupes in the insert portion. 

Beat the odds but if I were to sell the contents of the case I'm sure I'd lose money. Good thing I'm not in this to make money or I'd be in trouble. Here's when the real fun begins. 

I know a few of you commented on cards you were interested in or a particular team. I promised some of the Yankees to Lost Collector and a few pirates to Bob walk the plank and I believe some Mets to Home Run Apple (if hes interested?). Sorry if I missed anyone, this coming week is extremely busy for me, so please please email me at brauer144 at gmail dot com and I will get back to you in a day or two to work something out! 

I will look at lists or blogs or whatever. I am interested in phillies (shocking I know) Frank Thomas or other trade bait. I've traded quite a few times over the past couple years so many people can vouch for me if necessary. I feel like I am rambling. 

Hope everyone enjoyed watching the break on the blog! I posted as I opened so sometimes I struggled with new adjectives (I do not write for a living) 

Thanks for reading, looking forward to the trading portion of this endeavor! 


  1. Are you thinking of selling an entire base set? If so drop me a note and let me know what you are looking for. Thanks! It was fun watching along with you, I really want to break a case of something one day.

  2. Let me know on any of those Cardinals man. I would love to work out a deal.

  3. Question - did you send off the Springer redemption already and/or would it be available?

  4. I am interested in any trade for any autos. Please email me at caitlinjennings64@yahoo.ca