Monday, September 1, 2014

On with the Show Box 9!

Two sets are completed. The rest of the base cards are just being sorted by number for trading purposes. Let me know if you are trying to complete your set I'm sure we can work out a quick and easy trade.

Onto the shiny cards!

I liked this box quite a bit. The Miguel Cabrera reprint auto is a 1 per case hit. I was happy to hit a rookie card that I do not own. Now I have a super shiny reprint! It was nice to see the Jose Abreu refractor! Also another sepia refractor (Ivan Nova) and blue (CJ Cron). 

The autos were both base. But both good names. Got excited when I saw the redemption but it wasn't Abreu. Springer is good though. Will probably redeem it to get the card in hand (I now have all the chromes from last year that I redeemed). The Heaney is a nice one too. I know he had a rough start but hes young and talented could easily bounce back!

Onto box 10!

Thanks for reading!

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