Monday, September 29, 2014

Trade with Sandlot Cards!

I recently completed my 2nd trade with The Sandlot! He is a Mets collector and has a nice Piazza collection. I sent him a bunch of chrome Mets from the case and he was able to help me out with some needs and include some cool stuff!

These are Dog Cigarette cards from the 1930s! Pretty awesome! These are the oldest cards currently in my collection. I don't personally own a dog but I like animals as much as the next person!

Nothing like an extremely well loved Jim Bunning! Saw him in person on Saturday! The 1971 Topps Phillies team set card is much appreciated and in quite nice condition. 

Here's a few of the freebie's that were thrown in. I like Pat the Bat, maybe when I no longer get Ryan Howard cards I'll go after rare Pat Burrell's. Who knows!?

Thanks for the trade and thanks for reading!

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