Thursday, September 25, 2014

Trade with Old Foul Cardboard!

I recently completed my 2nd trade with Old Foul Cardboard! I sent him a few cards he wanted and I got back some nice Phillies in return! Even with baseball season coming to end (no playoffs for the Phillies this year) I can still enjoy the joys of cardboard! Also, an aside we had a Chips and Dip contest at work today, that was delicious. Anyways back to baseball cards!

The Darin Ruf auto was the card I specifically traded for. It was very nice to get the surprise Bobby Abreu relic! I really like the A&G autos. They look sharp most years. The Abreu is from 2004 Topps Cracker Jack, wish it came with a decoder ring! 

Anytime I get to knock cards off my Phillies want list, that's a good card package! 6 needs from 1974 are now gone! Six less cards for me to chase from the 70s! The Pat the Bat is a rookie card, he was quite good in college at University of Miami. Batted over .400! The Dominic Brown is the diecut mini from this year I believe. I didn't really bust more then a blaster of Topps base this year. Spent more time focusing on player collections!

2 more months til I get married woo!

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