Sunday, September 14, 2014

A little behind on scanning.. Topps Finest Gold!

I've received one trade and some other cards in the last week. Been busy so I haven't scanned anything but hope to do it sometime today! In the meantime I will show some other stuff that has been burning a hole in my scan folder!

This sweet Frank Thomas!

This is from 1996 Topps Finest. Back in the day these packs were way out of my price range. I would enjoy busting a box in the future though, always seemed like a good idea. Seems like they are under 30 dollars a box so yea it's definitely a possibility in the future! The golds are shiny and this one is still in the original protective foiling.. which I guess is cool either way to be honest.

Let's wrap this post up with one other neat card!

This is a nice Ryan Howard parallel from Upper Deck Spectrum numbered out of 99. I don't see these come up very often but they aren't expensive! All the better!

May everyone's Fantasy team win this week and have a great day!

Thanks for reading!

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