Wednesday, December 26, 2012

An Eclectic Mix!

I've been fairly active this past month of the acquiring of cards. My vintage Phillies and relics/autos have grown by leaps and bounds. I recently picked up some trade bait as well as Phillies that I scanned all together since well they all fit on the scanner together! Good as reason as any. I enjoyed my one day holiday break with my girlfriend and her family. Wish I had more then one day off!

Check out the wares:

If you look at my Phillies Hits you'll notice I really enjoy picking up Five Star singles. I just tracked down the Cliff Lee Jersey numbered out of 25.. which completes the Five Star set of Lee, Halladay and Hamels gold relics. The Mike Schmidt above is numbered out of 25. It fits in with the booklet and 3 other auto/relics I got from that set. Never thought I'd grab so many singles of such a high end product (it was way cheaper then busting 6 card boxes for 400 bucks a piece). The top right is a Roy Oswalt/Mark Prior dual auto. The scan doesn't do it justice its a nice looking card.

The Ortiz is also a nice big swatch of red numbered out of 25. The Upton is the silver version numbered out of 97. I had no real reason to buying it but I like it. The Matt Kemp is the platinum base version numbered out of 10. I was surprised when I won that one but its a sharp and rare card. And lastly but not least I got an on card auto of Jim Bunning. I was searching for the right one and that fit the bill. It commemorates his perfect game.

All the non Phillies are for trade if anyone is interested. I would like some sort of Phillies relics/auto or vintage in return for this higher end stuff. If anyone is interested please let me know!

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  1. Very interested in the Kemp and that Billingsley auto from an earlier post.