Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Philly Show Pickups Part 3

Let the vintage train continue! I posted up my want lists so if anyone can help out let me know! I sure do use a lot of exclamation points! Anyways, I'm excited to show my next batch of cards that I picked up at the card show.

This was the only 1953 topps card I was able to acquire. Love the Fightin' Phillies Logo on it.

I ventured into 55 bowman (really like this kind). I recently lost out an auction to acquire all but 40 cards of the set (including the Mantle). I haven't decided if I want to put those kind of resources into acquiring the set but I will go after the Phillies team set. Grabbing the Ashburn was definitely a big plus!

 Only picked up 2 1955 Topps cards. I believe there are only 10 total cards in this team set so it shouldn't be too hard to acquire them all. I'm expecting the 52's to be much harder.

As always if anyone wants to trade let me know!

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