Monday, December 10, 2012

Philly Show Pickups Part 1

I went to the Philly show in Valley Forge on Saturday. It was packed and as usual there were a ton of different stuff there. I didn't partake in the live autographs but it was cool to see Chase Utley and Hollis Thomas (working for the local sports radio station). I wanted to showcase some of the pickups I made. I had a large focus on vintage. I am trying to complete the team sets of all the Phillies from every year pre 1980. This post won't be focusing on those cards.

I also had a list of rookie cards that I want to acquire. I was able to knock off 3 big ones!

Mike Schmidt, Robin Yount and George Brett! The Yount and Brett I got from the same dealer and we settled on 35 dollars for both. The Schmidt I bought from another dealer for 55. They aren't mint condition but the faces are real nice with some minor corner wear. Next up to get is the Steve Carlton RC.. just have to find it a not insane price!

Stay tuned for my next pickups (lots of vintage!)


  1. You've already spent more than I do at any card show.

    But good stuff obviously.

  2. Great pick ups at reasonable prices. I am going to have to track down a Schmidt for my 1973 set one of these days.