Saturday, December 15, 2012

Philly Show Pickups Part 6 (Final part!)

This is the modern portion of my pickups. We did have some time to search through some boxes and see if we could find some cool singles. We did alright in this regard considering the bulk of the time there we spent searching through vintage cards. (Spent about 3-3.5 hours there)

Picked up 3 Ex Phillies autos. Michale Bourn, Placido Polanco and recently departed Vance Worley. I had high hops Bourn would re-sign this offseason but the Ben Revere trade squashed that. These are the first Ginter autos I have acquired. I'm a fan with the nice borders and good space for the autos themselves.

Three new Ryan Howard relics. The Triple Threads is really cool since it spells my favorite team. The Bowman Sterling is definitely nicer then the Ovation card but I didn't have either so just grabbed them both. I haven't cataloged my Ryan Howard cards but I've slowly been building quite a decent collection.

This is the non Phillies porition. The Dual auto is Mickey Tettleton and Frank Tanana (already on the way to someone if not already there). The Frank Thomas is a crazy cool insert from Fleer Ultra. That is going into my Frank Thomas PC. The Helton is a sweet diecut relic preclaiming that he is #1. That is up for trade if any Colorado fan is interested. It's a pretty sweet card though picked out by my girlfriend.

That concludes my journey through the Philly Show. I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as I did. I will get back to posting my usual (whatever that is) in the next few days.

I recently acquired one of those book cards from Five Star.. anyone know where I can buy a case to display it? I'm having trouble finding one, Thanks!

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  1. I got the package. Thanks for the great cards. I'd send you a normal email but I'm locked out of my hotmail footer some reason right now.