Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Philly Show Pickups Part 2

Vintage!!!!! I separated the scans by year. The 1952s still are tough to find even with vintage dealers. I was quite happy to find what I did. Only missing 13 for the Phillies team set. I knocked off the 2 biggest ones in my mind. The Richie Ashburn and Robin Roberts!

Check em out:

The Con Dempsey is his rookie card so that carried a bit of a premium. The top of the Roberts isn't really cut off but one of the corners is dinged pretty good. Either way it was a good find and I'm glad I grabbed it. How does one adequately store these cards? Right now I just have them in penny sleeves and they won't fit in a top loader with the sleeve. I'm hesitant to take them out. Any advice is appreciated.

This Ashburn is very well protected. It's slabbed and graded a 5. I'm tempted to just spend the money to get em all graded so they'd be well protected. The Ashburn itself ran 60 dollars but considering the condition and rarity I'm happy with knocking it off the want list!

That's it for 1952! Stay tuned for the later years coming soon!


  1. Wow you had a big day! I keep my 52 commons in bindered in 8 card sheets. If you put together 52-56 Phils Team Sets plus 53-55 Bowman you may be able to justifying a box of sheets...youd still have a lot of sheets left over and would likely wanted to consider a side project ie 56 Topps Set or something.

    1. I just started my quest to go after every Phillie pre 1980. I did pretty well at the show I think. Didn't really get much 53 or 54. My next series of posts will show it all!