Sunday, December 16, 2012

Frank Thomas Frenzy!

I recently acquired a ton more Frank Thomas cards thanks to reader Scott! He contacted me and said hey I have 77 Frank Thomas cards lets trade! (I paraphrased) I sent him some things he wanted off the Trade Bait page and he sent me all of The Big Hurt's. I have already added them to the Collection page so if you want to trade more of them you will know if I have it. Also, I acquired my first Frank Thomas autograph from ebay quite a nice one.

I didn't scan all of the new ones but I gave a nice representation:

There was a good variety of inserts and different cards I hadn't seen before. I love gaudy 90s inserts. The more ridiculous the better!

Check out my first Frank Thomas auto, I was quite pleased to win this one:

A sweet auto bat relic from Five Star! The tape on the side isn't actually on the card just on the thick one touch case it came in. Thanks to you guys and willingness to trade I now have 328 unique Frank Thomas cards and counting!

Also, hardly anyone read my last post (I guess everyone was Philly Showed out) but if anyone knows where I can buy a decent case for those book cards it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

And Thanks for the trade Scott! 

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  1. Congrats on the major addition! Lots of nice ones there.