Sunday, December 30, 2012

Contest Winnings from The Diamond King!

Recently, The Diamond King held an end of the year contest. It was pretty awesome, to qualify all you had to do was comment on any one of his posts for the entire year. He offered 9 different lots of cards and all you had to do was leave a comment that you wanted in! The only catch was you had to choose between 3 different lots! I picked my three and was kind to me and I won the one I really wanted!

The David Wright is his rookie card (a rookie I did not have!) The Billy Ripken is the best variation in my opinion (a certain curse word is there if you wish to zoom in!). This is my 2nd copy of this card but its still quite nice. Dan if you want me to hold it for you just let me know. The Roberto Clemente is the original Deckle Edge. I really liked the Topps archives version this year so I was quite happy to add the original. This is my first original (might be a future set to complete). The Jason Giambi is a relic of the amount of homers he hit that year. The Joe McCarthy is a manufactured relic thats a pretty sharp and thick card.

Thanks again Kevin and if you need any more refractors let me know!

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