Thursday, December 13, 2012

Philly Show Pickups Part 4

Onto the next years! I really enjoyed this show. My girlfriend was kind enough to go with me and help look through boxes and find what we needed on our list! I added all interesting or vintage cards to my collection and some other hits as well.

1956 Topps we made a ton of headway. Check it out!

I really like the face of these cards. The big heads and the action show really do look nice together. The Ashburn is probably the nicest card condition wise. As you can see I picked up most of the big Phillies names from that year. Only missing 4 cards for the team set! Hopefully it won't take very long to knock those off!

I got precisely zero 1957 topps cards.

Did a little better on the 58's:

 I mistakenly bought 2 Robin Roberts.. but thats ok I'm not upset by that mistake. If another Phillies collector needs one I will swap it for some vintage back. The Ashburn (got that in a trade) wasn't a part of the show but it fits in nicely.

Thanks for checking it out so far.. only a few posts left!

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  1. Wooooo! Look at all the '56s!

    I'd try to do that with '56 Dodgers, but I'd have some explaining about why credit card balance was so astronomical.