Sunday, December 23, 2012

Quick Test and some new cards!

I just bought a new computer so I want to make sure it works with the blog.. or I am returning it. Gotta have priorities. Check out 3 new cards I just received yesterday!

The Cole Hamels is a sweet silk card from last years Topps set. This is my 2nd silk card and I like them a lot. The Chase Utley is from 2010 Triple Threads and is the Sapphire version numbered out of 3. It commemorates his mashing of the ball in the World Series the previous year. Unfortunately, no one else got a hit and the Phillies lost to the Yankees. The Matt Moore card just had a awesome saying. That's the only reason I decided to get it. I'm adding it to my awesome/ridiculous Triple Threads saying collection!

Happy Holidays everyone!

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