Saturday, December 8, 2012

Freeeeee Cards (from other generous people!)

This week has been a banner mail week for me. I believe I received roughly 15-20 packages of all different things. A little bit of everything, some I've shared and some I will share in the near future. This post is to thank 2 awesome people who sent me free stuff just for saying hello at their blog.

Those 2 people are Jack at All Tribe Baseball and Wes at Jay Barker Fan.

They are both great card bloggers and great guys.

Wes holds contest every friday and just gives away random really nice cards.

Jack held a really fun contest where all you had to do is claim a card and bam that card is yours no questions asked.

When I saw that contest at All Tribe Baseball I jumped all over the first Phillies auto I saw. This is the first Phillies auto I have of him and am happy to add it to my collection. Without asking he added 3 more Frank Thomas cards! (That PC is really getting good!)

The auto is of Phillies pitcher Carlos Silva. I love the Thomas Topps Finest card with the protective film still on it! (I won't be freeing it) 

Wes also provided a Phillies auto in his free package! 

As you can see thats Bake McBride from this years archives! The card that flashed out is of Chris Sale (a really surprisingly thick rookie card) Also included is a auto relic of Cory Hahn! Doesn't look like he made it out of the minors but its still a really cool card.

Thanks again Jack and Wes! I hope my write up did you guys justice.

Also thanks to the generosity of a couple of other bloggers I have about 1500-2000 Phillies cards that I need to sort. I will post those up hopefully in the next week or 2!

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  1. Glad you enjoyed the cards !

    My wife would be happy if I would give away a lot more !